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Job Description

The role requires and individual with a growth mindset through impactful reskilling initiatives and forging strategic partnerships in the dynamic technology landscape. The role will focus enable our workforce for success through digital learning.

Develop and execute a strategic roadmap for the Digital Academy program, emphasizing partnerships within the technology sector. Implement and support a clear vision and strategy for the Academy. Identify and establish collaborations with key stakeholders, industry leaders, and educational institutions to enhance reskilling and upskilling initiatives.

Design and implement scalable programs focused on reskilling and upskilling employees aligned with the organisation’s goals and digital academy. Lead cross-functional teams to create curriculum and training materials tailored to 10 critical jobs within the organisation. Collaborate with HR, learning and development teams, and external partners to ensure program effectiveness and alignment with industry standards. Oversee the implementation of innovative learning technologies and methodologies to enhance the digital learning experience.

Monitor and evaluate the impact of the program, providing regular reports to leadership on key metrics and success stories. Stay abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies, and advancements to continually enhance the Digital Academy’s offerings. Foster a culture of continuous learning and development, encouraging employees to embrace opportunities for professional growth.

Manage budgets, resources, and timelines to ensure the successful execution of the Digital Academy program.


Execute and implement learning journeys and co-develop training materials. Consolidate reporting on capability development metrics and be the custodian of Digital Services Playbooks/Guides/How-to.

Compile and manage the training calendar and create training schedules. Manage the tracking of service level agreements, payments to service providers, and program expenditure. Assess instructional effectiveness and determine the impact of learning on employee skills and KPIs. Ensure effective people management and collaboration to meet current and future business needs.



Bachelors Degree (B)  (Required)

Closing Date

27 January 2024

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