The Beverage Company Is Hiring: Sales Representative – South Africa

Closing date14 Feb 2024 23:59

Qualifications and Experience 

Grade 12 / Matric / NQF level 4 

Up to 2 years experience (Operational Execution) Experience in  a sales/marketing/FMCG environment  

Basic knowledge of PC, or potential to acquire it 

Key Qualities 

Critical Success Factors 

Customer Perspective 


Routine communication with customers or clients 

Problem Solving 

Proactive identification of functional problems related to a specific process or policy, determine cause and impact, and choose the best alternative to solve the problem based on guidelines provided and an understanding of the theory or practices underpinning the problem. 

Relationships Maintained 

Others outside of own work area but inside the organisation

Behavioural Competencies 

Customer Relations 

Asks questions to identify customer needs or expectations 

Follows through and meets personal commitments to others on time 

Takes responsibilities seriously and consistently meets the clients’ expectations for quality, service, and professionalism. 

Continuously monitors delivery to make sure the customer is receiving good service 

Shows a strong commitment to exceeding customer expectations 

Able to own responsibility for mistakes, apologise and make suitable changes to services  


Able to recognise a situation in which negations are required 

Able to listen to the oppositions  argument attentively with the aim of reaching an effective outcome 

Able to tactfully present facts on a “need to know basis” so as to ensure a successful outcome. 

Able to refer to facts presented by the opposition to strengthen argument. 

Possesses the interpersonal skills necessary to negotiate an effective outcome 

Planning and Organising 

Manages time effectively, ensuring effective completion of tasks under stressful deadlines. 

Able to prioritise activities and resources, ensuring that results are achieved effectively. 

Able to evaluate progress and make appropriate adjustments to initial plans, ensuring a successful outcome.  

Knowledge of Business 

Follows systematic, multi-source learning regiment designed to educate oneself quickly: keeps oneself current 

Describes the important impacts that one has on the success of one’s functional area and on company results; demonstrates a knowledge of the customers business 

Uses business understanding to make sound decisions and influence the decisions of others

Continuous Improvement 

Increases performance expectations when success has been achieved 

Seeks out sources of information, including trade associations, “best practice” companies, customers, peers, subordinates, etc. 

Finds ways to fast-adapt improvement ideas to work processes 

Proactively seeks out resources, alliances, etc., needed to quickly introduce improvements

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