Cashier Required: Food Lover’s Market – South Africa

Job description

This is a summary of what the job involves to help you decide if you are a good fit.

As a Cashier, your job is important for making sure our customers have a great experience when they shop. You’ll be handling money and making sure transactions are correct. Your attention to detail and good math skills will help keep things running smoothly. This position reports directly to the Till Supervisor and will be required to work different shifts across trading and non-trading hours, including Sundays and Public Holiday.

What you’ll do

This is a list of tasks that you will be responsible for doing on your days at work.

Operate an electronic point of sale with a scale attached

Accurately and efficiently ring up all products that the customer is purchasing and ensure the correct amount of change is given

Accurately maintain all payment methods ensuring a balanced cash up

Maintain a clean and hygienic till area

Maintain a positive attitude and provide each customer with exceptional and friendly customer service

Maintain solid knowledge of products on sale as well as product codes

Maintain awareness of all promotions and advertisements

Maintain strong communication and time management skills

Work efficiently, especially during busy periods.

Assessments required for application

Potential Work Performance Assessment Battery

Questions required for application

When applying for this job, you will be asked to answer these question(s).

Are you willing to work 6 shifts per week (including Sundays and Public holidays) across trading and non-trading hours?

Do you live within travelling distance from the job?

Have you passed Matric? (You will be required to bring your Matric Certificate as proof if you are selected for an interview.)

What keeps you going, even in difficult circumstances?

Are you able to work under pressure, how do you handle pressure?

List three of your strengths and three of your weaknesses.

What will your approach be to handle rude, unhappy or difficult customers?


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