Alexio Kawara now a gospel musician

by Tulip Charowa

AWARD-WINNING musician Alexio Kawara says he has given his life to God and is now venturing into gospel music full time so as to spread the Word.

The Shaina hitmaker said he feels even more emcouraged to go for gospel music after his last production, a single titled Pamuchinjikwa, was well received last year.

The gospel track featured Brian Buula Mugenyi.

Kawara told NewsDay that music was dynamic and even though change is difficult, his shift to gospel music was happening anyhow.

“I have been and still going through transformation in my spiritual life ever since I gave my life to Christ.

“This has affected my creativity because I have always been someone who is real in what I write, so that realness is still being solidified within me,” Kawara said.

The 43-year-old Glen Norah raised musician believes that urban grooves is a type of music and gospel is a message, therefore, his venturing into gospel is a way of spreading the good news of Christ.

“Music is dynamic. I believe most of what we have in urban music has its roots in urban grooves. A base was set and people should appreciate change but that does not necessarily mean demeaning those who came before us. Besides, no one stays in the game forever.

“I am the brand that I am now because you guys supported me in various ways. I do not take you for granted and with my music I hope to inspire, educate, motivate and entertain you through my God-given talent which I believe is for you,” Kawara said.

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