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It’s time to re-invent the school report card

The static report card tells very little about a child’s actual abilities

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Why I boycotted the Queen when she visited our school in Harare

Like many in Africa, the mineral and agricultural wealth emanating from our

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A Zambian is jailed every month for insulting President Hichilema

After one year in power, more people have been arrested for insulting

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‘Anyone who rejoices at Zambia acquiring IMF debt is a fool’ – Hichilema

Fact, the ENTREPRENEURSHIP of citizens is the solution. And not the IMF.

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State’s rising anti-Zimbabwean actions pushing SA to brink of crisis

"The removal of Zimbabweans will have absolutely no impact on South Africa’s

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The new Marriages Act: What you need to know | FADZAYI MAHERE

It is now a criminal offence for any person (other than the

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