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After 53 failed marriages, Abu finally settles down – or so he thinks

It appears that Abu was never asked if he ever thought that,

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Parliament engaged stationery dealer to supply 173 laptops at US$9,000 each!

Guvamatanga noted with concern that the prices meant each laptop was being

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Teenager arrested while in possession of several human organs

The suspect is reported to have said he was hired “to look

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Teacher thrown into prison for drawing blood from pupils, school head evicted

“Your Worship, I was only testing them for malaria. I had no

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Museveni takes his Mercedes-Benz toilet with him to Kenya for Ruto inauguration

Most world leaders, particularly those in the dictators' club, fear their faeces

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Police in Nigeria seize thousands of donkey penises

This illegal trade is drastically diminishing the donkey population in Nigeria, where

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