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Kariba couple names triplets Emmerson, Constantino and Kembo

The family from Siakobvu in Kariba rural district named its children Emmerson,

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Woman confesses to having sex with her son, underwear retrieved as evidence

... the marital life took a turn for the worst after Moyo

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VIDEO: Soldiers, VIPs scramble for cover as bridge collapses during ribbon-cutting

Even soldiers can be seen ducking for cover before scrambling around the

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Carpenter who works while naked thrown into jail, again

“He believes in naturism. In his mind his behaviour is acceptable and

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Pogba denies hiring witch doctor to curse Mbappé

Pogba assures he did not hire a ‘witch doctor’ to place a

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Man steals aircraft and flies it, threatening to crash into Walmart

The police negotiated with the man named Cory Wayne Patterson in mid-air

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