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Only in Russia: Oil firm boss dies ‘falling out of hospital window’ after criticising Ukraine war

Ravil Maganov, 67, was pronounced dead after plunging from a ward on

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Truck driver bleeds non-stop after sex romp with prostitute

“He thought I had not realised that he had removed the protection

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The 6 weird things men find attractive in women

Some ladies have confessed that they like men’s feet, among other unusual

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Conman sends shop owner to buy food, loots whole shop of laptops

The suspect posed as a potential buyer who intended to buy 18

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Monkey-sturbation: Monkeys caught using stones for sexual pleasure

... the monkeys were performing “a form of self-directed, tool-assisted masturbation”

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Plane makes emergency landing as pilot faints mid air

A flight from the city of Birmingham in England to Antalya in

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