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Latest Health News

ZESA power cuts cripple already struggling hospitals, mortuaries

In public hospitals, the rolling power cuts are said to have severely

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Taking a pee while in the shower not good for your bladder, doctors explain

Doctors have revealed why peeing in the shower for both men and

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Scientists in SA find link between maize meal and oesophageal cancer

Oesophageal cancer is a disease found anywhere in the throat – sometimes

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CIMAS dispenses wrong medication to patient, destroying her kidney

... the patient was given hair loss medication instead of breast cancer

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Parirenyatwa Hospital ceiling collapses onto patients

In a statement confirming the mishap, the government hospital said the two

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UK donors encourage hunger-stricken Africans to eat insects for protein

UK Aid is urging hunger-stricken Africans to consider insects as a source

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