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Taking a pee while in the shower not good for your bladder, doctors explain

Doctors have revealed why peeing in the shower for both men and

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Motherhood, a steep price women pay for career and life success

The motherhood penalty is based on the stereotypical view that women are

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Vee Kativhu inspires life-shaping change to Zimbabwean girls, and beyond

The alarming state of girls’ education in Zimbabwe it inspired Varaidzo Vee

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4 lessons Serena Williams leaves for sportswomen in Africa

Coached by her father, she changed the face of the women’s game.

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The 6 weird things men find attractive in women

Some ladies have confessed that they like men’s feet, among other unusual

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Zodwa Mkandla shares a little of her bodily secrets

Zodwa unpacked her secret to having a body, which many young women

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