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At least 19 school children killed in KZN road accident

At least 19 primary school children and two adults have been killed

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JUST NOW: Stand-off in Bulawayo as police ‘disturb’ ongoing robbery (PICTURES)

Police reacted quickly upon receiving a report of the robbery, before the

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Mnangagwa woos Councillors with duty-free cars, fat allowances

Kadoma mayor Action Nyamukondiwa described the development as a great achievement in

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CIO operatives give movie-style road chase to CIA agents caught meeting activist in Harare

... they tried to call the U.S. Embassy for help, but their

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Zimbabwe is removing horns on all rhinos to deter poaching

Zimbabwe has the world’s fourth-largest population of the endangered animals.

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SA border guards prevent Zimbabweans from going back home

Zimbabweans trying to leave South Africa are being turned back at the

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