Cheating Harare woman vows to move in with young lawyer

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A HARARE woman who used to fake identification to cheat with a lawyer has been left high and dry after the lawyer says he will not associate with the woman any more.

Deria Zimbodza, 41, of Aspindale was sent packing by her husband Pedzi Zimbodza, 49, after her steamy affair with 35-year-old Tawanda Nyandoro, a lawyer, was exposed.

The affair was exposed after Zimbodza confiscated her mobile phone and accessed love messages.

“Zimbodza took my property to my home village and dumped them at my parents’ house,” said Deria. “Nyandoro has been sending messages blaming me for the falsehoods I made to him.

Deria Zimbodza

Ndakanzwa nekutumira masorry ega ega saka akazonditi anonditora kana ndikachinja phone number and stop communicating with other men.

“I am prepared to meet his demands and live with him as my husband. I now love Nyandoro uyo Zimbodza aiwa ndakaneta naye,” said Deria.

But Nyandoro, the lawyer at the centre of the controversial romance, is singing a different tune. The lawyer told H-Metro that he had a reputation to protect and vowed not to continue with Deria.

Deria Zimbodza

“I have nothing to do with Deria. She’s someone’s wife and they are legally married. She’s bad news and I don’t want to see her ever again.

“I have a reputation to protect and cannot be seen hanging out with ladies like her, no,” said Nyandoro.

Their affair came to light when details of their romance were accessed from her mobile phone.

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