‘I failed to protect my daughter’ – Macheke father of kid killed in robbery

by Tulip Charowa

MACHEKA businessman Sherpard Haruzivi is torn with grief over the death of his 10-month-old daughter Moreblessing who was shot by armed robbers at their home early Tuesday morning.

The 41-year-old Haruzivi believes he should have done better in protecting his daughter, even as colleagues keep reminding him that it was not his fault that his daughter was shot in the robbery.

A gang of seven armed robbers pounced on Haruzivi’s family home in Macheke around 1AM and terrorised them while demanding cash.

In a bid to protect his family, Haruzivi who was also armed with a pistol shot twice at the robbers but missed. The robbers shot back and one bullet hit the ten-month-old toddler Moreblessing in the chest, killing her instantly.

The second bullet hit the toddler’s mother and Haruzivi’s wife Daphne Makokola, aged 31, on the lower left breast. She is in hospital.

The Haruzivi family during their happy moments sometime this year. PHOTOS: Sherpard Haruzivi

“She was such an innocent soul. RIP my daughter!” Haruzivi said in a teary message.

He adds: “I failed to protect you my dear daughter. I love you for ever and until we meet again. Heaven is our home one day we will meet.”

Friends have consoled the grieving father, urging him to find solace in the fact that three more of the seven armed robbers have been arrested, raising hope that the criminals will not get away with murder.

Panganai Machipisa (right) and Gift Nhema (left) are admitted in Marondera hospital after sustaining injuries during a shootout with the police. PHOTO: Victor Maphosa

The latest arrests this Wednesday means six of the seven armed robbery suspects in connection with an attempted heist have been arrested, after three of them were nabbed following a shootout with detectives hours after the robbery.

These are part of a seven-member gang of suspected armed robbers who pounced on

The suspects, most of whom were from Chitungwiza, were driving Toyota Fortuner SUV which they had earlier robbed from the Madhumbu family in Murewa.

This Toyota Fortuner SUV used in the Macheke robbery had been stolen from the Madhumbu family in Murewa.

Those arrested so far are Panganai (36), Pearson (29) and Brian (38) Machipisa from Unit L and O in Chitungwiza, Trust Sakavengwa (age not given) of Unit P, Chitungwiza, Clemence Muterengwende (38) of Murisa Village under Chief Seke and Gift Nhema (age not given) of Shamva.

Only one suspect, only identified as Dread, is still at large.

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