MDC-T candidates start campaigning under MDC Alliance

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BY-ELECTION candidates belonging to Douglas Mwonzora’s MDC-T have begun campaigning for upcoming by-elections using the MDC Alliance brand, further placing rival opposition leader Nelson Chamisa in a fix.

Zimbabwe will hold by-elections on the 26th of March to fill the vacant seats in the National Assembly after Mwonzora’s recall of legislators and councillors aligned to Chamisa.

After a  March 2020 Supreme Court ruling that declared Illegitimate Chamisa’s leadership of the party left by Morgan Tsvangirai after his death in 2018, Mwonzora recalled MDC Alliance MPs, grabbed funds and assets.

Now he has grabbed the name.

MDC-T Secretary for Special Projects and Party Business Norest Marara has created his campaigning flair under the MDC Alliance name.

Some of Chamisa’s supporters said Mwonzora is doing this “to confuse voters and reap votes from the popular brand.”

Mwonzora has since written to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission indicating that the MDC Alliance name belongs exclusively to his party.

He said: “I was elected substantive president of the party, by virtue of the composite political agreement signed on August 5, 2018 and subsequent meetings of the MDC Alliance, I assumed leadership of the MDC Alliance.

“We advise that no one else is allowed to sign for, and present candidates for, and on behalf of the MDC, any of its derivatives and the MDC Alliance.”

Former cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo said: “While we know and appreciate Mwonzora and his party have links with Zanu PF, State House and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, claiming the MDC Alliance name on the basis of an expired agreement is absurd.”

“It’s inherently absurd and ZEC must dismiss Mwonzora after he wrote a letter to them on that issue. He is not the leader of the MDC Alliance.

“Mwonzora was never President of the MDC Alliance electoral pact because there was never such a position anyway; the coalition had a presidential election candidate, first it was Tsvangirai before his death and later Chamisa. Mwonzora was also never leader of the MDC Alliance party.” 

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