PICS: Police impound bus carrying 101 passengers from Cape to Zim

by Tulip Charowa

A ZEBRA Kiss bus travelling from Cape Town to Zimbabwe, with 101 passengers, was detained close to Polokwane, Limpopo, on Tuesday.

According to transport officials, the bus was overloaded by 40 passengers.

Mike Maringa, Limpopo’s transport and community safety department spokesperson, said traffic officers intercepted the bus just outside Polokwane.

“The bus was carrying over 100 passengers, which is 40 more than it is expected to carry,” he said.

Maringa said the bus was impounded as a result.

“The driver/bus owner must arrange an alternative transport for the passengers. They will remain at the weighbridge until a relief is sorted,” he said.

Passengers disembark from a bus traveling from Cape Town to Zimbabwe.

A week ago, Limpopo’s transport and community safety MEC, Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya, launched the provincial road safety campaign ahead of the festive season.

“We will impound any public transport that does not conform to the rules and discontinue where necessary. Public transport operators must be preoccupied with the safety of their customers ahead of profits,” said Lerule-Ramakhanya.

The bus was overloaded by 40 passengers.

“We are expecting national traffic police to descend to the province, to assist with compliance and visibility. The teams from national are expected to be with us from Tuesday next week until 10 January.

“I have no doubt that the much-needed intervention will assist in the reduction of fatal accidents on our roads,” she added.

  • News24
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