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Gambia demands ‘real tourists’ from UK, not old grannies looking for sex

The Gambian men, known locally as "busters", wander the beaches looking for [email protected]

Ex-PSL footballer Chandisaita commits suicide over cheating wife

Chandisaita's death comes just weeks after Boss Pango, the Ximex dealer, committed [email protected]

Unwanted in SA, Zimbabweans turn to lucrative caregiver jobs in the UK

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, demand for home caregivers in the UK

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Zanu PF Councillor in sex scandal: 3 girls expelled from school

When the matter came to light, Ngwenya reportedly promised his lover US$200 [email protected]

Boss Pango’s family blames Samantha for the messy deaths

"At some point, Samantha went quiet for some days. I decided to

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WATCH | Man walks 300km from Silobela to Botswana – gets deported – walks back home

LOOKING for a job as a cattle herder, a Zimbabwean man left

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