VIDEO: Komichi, Mwonzora admit Chamisa gave them sleepless nights

by Tulip Charowa

A LEAKED video from the MDC-T national council meeting held on 26 November has emerged, in which party officials debated whether or not to hold an impending national congress.

However, party national chairperson Morgen Komichi tells national committee members that he and party president Douglas Mwonzora have for long been working together since their days in the MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa.

Komichi told the meeting that he and Mwonzora went for many nights without sleeping after MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa consolidated his power at the 2019 Congress in Gweru, which reduced Mwonzora and Komichi’s standing in the party as they lost elections.

Komichi said he however knew that “Chamisa would go nowhere”, so he worked togethet with Mwonzora to stage a major comeback via the Supreme Court ruling of March 2020. The ruling declared Chamisa illegitimate leader of the original MDC led by the late Morgan Tsvangirai.

Apart from paving the way for Mwonzora’s comeback into opposition leadership, the ruling saw Chamisa’s camp lose party headquarters, elected officials as well as Treasury funding to the Mwonzora faction.

“We worked hard to bring about the Supreme Court ruling,” Komichi said. Watch Komichi speak in the clips below:

Meanwhile, Mwonzora told the same meeting that the whole point of forming the MDC-T was for the party to serve the people and not for anyone be a president, Minister, MP or Councillor. He said the party must hold its congress when due.

Party deputy president Thokozani Khupe called on the party to respect its constitution, but has been labelled a sellout by party supporters after she approached the high court this week suing Mwonzora.

Khupe, Gweru Mayor Josiah Makombe and Chitungwiza Mayor Lovemore Maiko have jointly filed an urgent chamber application at the High Court in Bulawayo seeking to bar Mwonzora from recalling them.

In the urgent application filed under case number HC1940/21, Khupe, Makombe and Maiko are first, second and third applications respectively.

In their founding affidavits, the three say Mwonzora wants to recall them after a meeting held at the party’s headquarters on 26 November accused them of being sympathetic to rival politician Nelson Chamisa while others have been accused of aligning with Khupe against Mwonzora.

They cite the MDC-T as the first respondent, Mwonzora as second respondent in his personal capacity. Party chairperson Morgen Komichi and party Secretary-General Paurina Mupariwa are third and fourth respondents respectively.

The lawyer representing the three, Gary Sengwemi of Ncube Attorneys in Bulawayo, says the case is urgent because it takes just a letter from Mwonzora for Parliament to consider the three recalled.

The lawyer also reveals that Makombe already received communication from Mupariwa this Sunday that a decision has already been made to recall him as Councillor and Gweru Mayor and that he should “immediately vacate its mayoral residence and surrender its mayoral vehicle”.

Khupe, in her affidavit, says she fears that she will be recalled anytime from now as others whose names were “shouted out” have already started receiving their letters of recall.

She says Mwonzora’s recalls and expulsions of elected officials “have been without due notice, and have not been carried through via due process, in full compliance with the laws of natural justice, and in compliance with constitutional safeguards in promotion of lawful, reasonable and procedurally fair administrative actions”.

She further says Mwonzora intends to “ambush, embarrass and de – humanise” the officials be has targeted for recall, as evidenced by the demand that the two Mayors surrender Council vehicles and property on a Sunday.

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