Zanu PF goes after Owen Ncube’s violent youth brigade

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ZANU PF has labelled as “misfits” the machete-wielding party youths who were bussed by former State Security minister Owen Ncube to last weekend’s meeting to fill the provincial posts.

Ncube and his sister’s son Energy “Dhala” Ncube mobilised hoards of stone-drunk Al Shabaab militia to intimidate Zanu PF officials who were holding a provincial meeting at the Zanu PF Winery Conference Centre in Gweru last Saturday.

Ncube, who was visibly drunk according to eyewitnesses, disrupted the meeting and tried to impose people aligned to him into positions, an action which led to President Mnangagwa firing him from Government on Monday.

Energy has for a long time been angling to challenge Kandros Mugabe, a Zanu PF benefactor in Kwekwe, for the Kwekwe Central seat in the March 26 by-elections this year.

But following the sacking of Ncube, top Zanu PF officials in the Midlands Province have been openly celebrating his fall and called for disciplinary action and disqualification of his nephew, Energy, from contesting in the by-elections.

Zanu PF Midlands provincial chairman Larry Mavima yesterday warned all “misfits” that they would be dealt with decisively.

“The atmosphere is calm, stable and we will continue with the conclusion of the elections this weekend and we believe that we have reached a position where there will be no violence or intimidation of any nature,” Mavima said.

“I am very confident that we will have a successful conclusion of the process and that from now on, we will work together as a united province.

“I want to be very clear to all those misfits that do believe they can threaten people, they can intimidate people, that the full force of the law will deal with them.

“Zimbabwe is a peaceful country. The Midlands is a peaceful province and the President is always talking about peace and calm, loving one another. If anyone ever thinks that they are above the law, we will deal with them and we will deal with them effectively.

“We are not going to tolerate any nonsense whatsoever. The party is supreme anyone who goes against the principles of the party, we will deal with them.”

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